Olympic Medalist in the House!

28 11 2012


Mark Broome interviewed Olympic skier Toby Dawson on Seoul Report! Make sure you check out world.kbs.co.kr for the full episode!


Dia Frampton at KBS!

2 11 2012

Dia Frampton is in Korea right now and she came to KBS World Radio on Wednesday! Watch her full interview and special performance on world.kbs.co.kr !!!

At home in Chicago…

29 10 2012

…turned on my car radio, and heard this:


I just laughed out loud and figured I should prove to all of my Korean coworkers that PSY is on the radio in the U.S.

Almost 100,000 Fans! I WONDER Who They Were There to See!

8 10 2012

Last Thursday was a horrible day.

Fresh off a vacation in Taiwan, I came to KBS excited for the day and even MORE excited for that night. And then I got sick. Like…really sick, laying in the clinic down in KBS’s basement and going home with a fever and flu kind of sick.

But what I HAD been so pumped about was the FREE PSY CONCERT that was going to take place in Seoul Plaza that night! I had my camera all charged and ready to take amazing videos, but alas, I could not attend this insanely awesome concert that Psy was putting on for his city. (And I just LOVE that he did a free concert. What a  cool guy!)

So here are some fantastic videos taken by my friend Grace, who works at CJ Entertainment. She wasn’t even at the front of the stage and the crowds were STILL WIIIILLLLDDD!

(I don’t own the rights to these videos, I just wanted to share the experience of what Korean culture is really like with our listeners ^^ check out Grace’s article for a great description of what took place: http://m.enewsworld.mnet.com/news/news_view.asp?nsID=16690)

http://youtu.be/fq6Y0HIaohI  (This is Psy’s song Right Now)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loUPRgWhLQM&feature=share&list=ULloUPRgWhLQM  (and the ever-popular Gangnam Style)

And perhaps the best video I’ve seen of his performance (it literally gave me chills and I started tearing up…I don’t know why) is here:

Again, I don’t own the copyright to these videos, I just wanted to share them with anyone who follows this blog!




~For more entertainment news, visit world.kbs.co.kr~

Seoul Report with Some New Hosts!

12 09 2012

Hey Folks!

Recently, KBS World Radio’s English service added a new member to the team. Hailing from England, Mark Broome has been working in broadcasting in Korea for a few years now, and he is now enjoying the lucky spot of being my coanchor on Seoul Calling twice a week ^^ So, welcome to the Englishman! Check out his twitter @mebkorea >>>and then go follow me too @sydddvicious (I have more followers haha!) >>> and then go follow @KBSWorldRadio because they employ us!

Mark is hosting Seoul Calling a few other times a week as well, and he has just completed an interview for Seoul Report along with Yooree Kim. The link below is where you can view Mark and Yooree’s interview with Sonia Kim.



Seoul Report with Rusty Shaw

5 09 2012

Seoul Report with Rusty Shaw

Matt Kelley’s guest this week on Seoul Report is Rusty Shaw. After completing a tour in the Iraq war and then graduating from college, the American spent time in China and Korea studying Asian languages and cultures. In May 2012, after enrolling at the Yonsei University Graduate School of Business, Rusty began to learn Korean Sign Language and about Korean Deaf culture. During their conversation, Matt and Rusty talk about Korean Deaf culture, if deafness is a disability, and how radio can be relevant to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.


KBS World Radio is working to improve the accessibility of our website for people with disabilities. For example, for visually impaired listeners, a screen-reader feature is being worked on so that moving the cursor over text will allow for audio to play. 

Just some updates from the English service! Hope you enjoy the episode of Seoul Report ^^

Olympic Athletes are Welcomed Back!

24 08 2012

When Team South Korea returned from the London Olympics, there was a huge event/concert/parade thing held for them in Yeouido Park – right across the street from KBS! I heard the KPOP boy bands and girl groups performing or practicing in the park, so I had to walk over there after leaving the office. Sure enough, there were gates all surrounding the stage and lots (LOTS!) of people lined up around the park, waiting to get a seat for the show. OF COURSE, I started filming on my phone right when the KPOP groups were finished… :-/

Here’s a little video I took really quick.